How to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Rain has finally returned to SW Washington! While you may be celebrating the oncoming cooler weather, puddles, and everything pumpkin-flavored, it’s also important know how to prepare your home for fall. Your home is your biggest physical possession, so it’s more than wise – it’s a necessity – to ensure that your investment is protected in every way possible. So, sit down, sip your pumpkin spiced latte, and go through this list of important tasks you should conquer before the season gets too late.

  • Inspect your gutters – clean all gutters and downspouts and inspect them for any wear and tear that might make them less functional. This is imperative in the PNW, and could help your roof maintain longevity.

  • Inspect your roof – If you’re wondering how to prepare your home for fall, don’t let your roof get away from you. It could cost you a lot more than just your time!

  • Clean up your walkways – damaged sidewalks, steps and driveways should be repaired as soon as possible. Ice can get into the cracks and expand them, so its in your best interest to fix the problem before it becomes even bigger.

  • Don’t neglect your faucets – nothing beats learning that your pipes froze and burst! Keep that from happening to you by draining and winterizing all your irrigation systems and outdoor faucets.

  • Fix your furnace – clean or replace any dirty furnace filters, and give the entire system an inspection. This is best done by a professional.

  • Inspect your fireplace – Check all of your fireplaces for soot and creosote build up. If you don’t know what to look for, have a chimney sweep handle it for you. Creosote is flammable and is connected to thousands of house fires ever winter. When thinking of how to prepare your home for fall, this is one of the most important things you could do. Protect your family and your biggest asset with just a simple inspection.

  • Don’t ignore your wood stove – the same dangers common to fireplaces apply to wood stoves. Inspect it for creosote and ensure your family stays safe.

  • Gas up – if your home has gas-fired room heaters, have them looked at by a professional. They should have regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure they are working safely and properly.

  • Caulk your windows and doors – Some homes have drafts that can be annoying at best in winter. Prevent this by caulking any gaps you find around windows and doors, and add weather-stripping to appropriate areas. This can help you save major on your heating bills, and help keep your toes toasty warm!

This is a great start on how to prepare your home for fall and winter. If you conquer these simple tasks every year, your home will show all of the love and attention you put into it, and it just may pay you back big time when it comes time to sell. If you need help finding competent, trustworthy contractors to help with any of these important tasks, contact our agents at The Hughes Team. We work closely with many of the trades and have built great business relationships that we love to use to help our clients!